Breast Augmentation Tucson, AZ

Women of any age can benefit from breast augmentation procedures. Many women seek breast implants or reconstruction options due to a variety of natural reason such as age, pregnancy, nursing or weight loss. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. At Plastic Surgerical Specialists, leading our board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sanchez-Navarro specializes in delivering that natural look while achieving fuller breasts, enhanced curves and better proportions of the body.
Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that is designed to enhance the shape, size, feel, and projection of the breasts. This type of surgical procedure is a highly personal choice made by each woman. We work with our patients to understand their ideal breast shape, or to simply revitalize breasts that have changed with age and life circumstances, such as having children, and work to individually deliver long-term results that help women achieve larger, fuller, and more appealing breasts.

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Breast augmentation typically falls into three different categories:

Dr. Francisco Sanchez-Navarro

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If you’re considering a Breast Augmentation procedure, we’d love to schedule an appointment with you just to help you understand your options, explain the procedure, and go over recovery. Meet our surgeon, Dr. Francisco Sanchez-Navarro, for a comprehensive overview of your expectations and what you can expect from the surgery.

You’ll come away with the information you need to make an informed decision about your body when you’re ready!

Understanding the Procedures

Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is a procedure that we use to enhance and enlarge the breast area as well as provide shape and contour to the area to give it a rounder, more full appearance. These procedures typically include a number of methods including lifts and implants to develop the proper size and shape.

Like any cosmetic surgery, we encourage you not to make an impulsive decision to modify your body. Our patients carefully consider what their goals and desires are. They then begin doing research on what procedures make the most sense for them. n our experience, the very best candidates for cosmetic surgery are those that want to improve or enhance their current physical attributes instead of finding body perfection. Candidates that already possess confidence and are mentally healthy are typically looking to look just as good as they feel!

If you are looking to gain more confidence in your appearance, we would love to spend some time helping you understand the full procedure, range of options, costs, answers to your questions and even recovery times. Our top priority is your comfort and safety.

Breast Lifts

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a procedure that we use to reshape and raise the breasts up. Additionally this is used to reduce the size of the areola while reposition breasts that have sagged. Breast lifts can many times be used in combination with implants if the breasts are small, have lost volume or you simple want a larger size in addition to a lift.

If you are interested in restoring your breasts and/or increasing their size or contour, we invite you to reach out to us and schedule a consultation. Our physicians can share information about our range of breast procedures. To see what set of procedures is right for you, we would first like to learn a bit more about what you would like to change about your appearance. We can then add information that can help you make the best deicison specific to your needs and desires. More than anything, we want you to feel comfortable and safe about the decisions you are making about your body.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstructive surgery is performed to restore breast tissue that has been severely damaged or removed due to cancer or other diseases. Typically, tissue is used from other parts of the body and then used to reconstruct the shape, size and contour of your natural breasts. These procedures can also include implants, which will result in breasts that look and feel similar to your natural breasts.

We understand the complexity and emotional part of making these decisions. We invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians who can sit down and provide time to fully understand your unique situation. After listening to your story and understanding your situation, we can offer a variety of options and answer any questions that you may have. We can then build a comprehensive plan to address your individual needs.