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Our patients in Tucson can improve their appearance with a Brazilian butt lift, an increasingly popular procedure that uses an individual’s own fat to augment buttocks. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sanchez-Navarro, is known for his professional talent, commitment to safety, and artistic vision. With his expertise and the convenience of online appointments, Sanchez-Navarro Plastic Surgery is the best place to receive a Brazilian butt lift.
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What Is Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the size and shape of the buttocks. It involves the use of a patient’s own fat, harvested from other parts of the body, for augmentation. The fat is processed, purified, and then reinjected into the buttocks. The entire procedure takes approximately 2-4 hours. Brazilian butt lift helps patients feel more confident and attractive by making their buttocks fuller.


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Consultation & Preparation for BBL

There are several important steps in the preparation for a Brazilian butt lift. First, the patient has an extensive consultation with Dr. Sanchez-Navarro to discuss their goals, review medical history, and get examined to determine if this procedure is appropriate for them.

If cleared, the patient may need to adjust medications, stop smoking at least one month before surgery, and follow any other pre-operative guidelines from Dr. Sanchez-Navarro. Additional considerations include:
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Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

BBLs are becoming more and more popular in the United States due to their ability to increase buttocks without synthetic implants. This surgery makes the figure fuller and more attractive. Here is how it is done:


BBL is performed under general anesthesia in our private, state-accredited surgical center. A board-certified anesthesiologist provides medication intravenously to put the patient to sleep and prevent any pain.

Vaser Liposuction is first performed at the donor sites to harvest fat that will later be transferred. Small incisions are made in inconspicuous areas, like the belly, flanks, lower back, or inner thighs. Dr. Sanchez-Navarro injects a tumescent solution into the target sites to loosen and remove fat. Then, the surgeon uses a suction cannula (thin tube) attached to a vacuum device to remove excess fat deposits through the incisions.

The collected fat is processed by washing and filtering. It is also put in a centrifuge machine that spins at high speed to separate fat from unwanted materials. This helps to get rid of blood, debris, and damaged cells. The usable tissue is collected and prepared for injection.
Small incisions are made in discreet locations, such as in the creases between the buttocks and the place where they meet the upper thighs. Using special tools, Dr. Sanchez-Navarro safely injects the donor fat into specific areas of the buttocks. The fat is always placed above the muscle. Precise placement helps to enhance their shape and size. The process involves meticulous layering of fat to create beautiful contours.
Once the transferred fat is evenly distributed, the surgeon seals the small openings with sutures. Other closure techniques or adhesive bandages may also be used. The scars eventually heal and become almost invisible.
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Recovery After BBL

Recovery from butt augmentation requires wearing a compression garment for several weeks to help reduce swelling and encourage proper healing and contouring. Patients also need 
to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for a month after surgery to allow the transferred fat cells to fully integrate into their new location. A BBL pillow can be highly useful in this regard. Some swelling, bruising, and discomfort are normal during initial recovery.

Most patients return to non-strenuous work after about 2 weeks, but more physically demanding activities should be avoided for 1-2 months. It may take half a year for everything to heal completely. Therefore, patients should attend follow-up appointments with Dr. Sanchez-Navarro to monitor progress. While the procedure can give long-lasting results, proper recovery requires diligence and patience.
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Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift

During the initial consultation, our surgeon evaluates each individual’s unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. Potential candidates include:
People with a low body fat percentage may not be eligible for the surgery because it requires native material. Therefore, they must ensure that they have sufficient fat. The best candidates also have good skin elasticity and are non-smokers. They understand that some of the transferred cells will be reabsorbed by the organism.

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL can dramatically enhance the shape and volume of the buttocks, making patients more confident and satisfied with their appearance. This fat transfer surgery may offer many benefits:

Cost of BBL in Tucson, AZ

Brazilian butt lift cost in Tucson, AZ, ranges from $5,000 to $20,000. It accounts for differences in the extent of surgery, anesthesia, surgeon’s fees, and facility expenses. Patients should consult with Dr. Sanchez-Navarro to get an accurate cost estimate tailored to their unique needs and desired results. We are one of the few practices that offer online appointments to make it more convenient for people to receive all the information they need.
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What Makes Our BBL
Different From Others?

Dr. Sanchez-Navarro has over 13 years of experience performing Brazilian butt lifts and other body contouring procedures. He is board-certified in plastic surgery and known for his artistic vision, talent, and commitment to patient safety. We use the most advanced techniques to achieve a natural, proportional enhancement. With his expertise, attention to detail, and patient-centered care, Dr. Sanchez-Navarro is an excellent choice for those considering a Brazilian butt lift.
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